3 Ways to Extend the Versatility of your Action Camera with Accessories

Accessorize your Action Camera

You have already invested in your action camera which is perfect for your requirements. However, something is missing…. Often an accessory or two is required to facilitate an action camera’s full capabilities. There are many accessories available which heighten the experience of owning an action camera. I have outlined the accessories that are most favourable.


There is a vast quantity of action cameras available. Therefore, you have to be careful when investing in a mount to ensure that it is compatible. However, most action cameras will work with an array of mounts on the market.

One popular mount is the chest mount because it securely attaches your action camera to your body. It is completely unobtrusive, allowing you to carry on with your chosen activity, unhindered.

Other mounts allow you to fix your action camera on top of your helmet, documenting an almost true view of what you are witnessing. This is an ideal mount when sky-diving or rock-climbing.

You can buy a handlebar mount which enables you to record the action as you cycle (or motorcycle!). There are always new mounts being devised and this competitive market ensures that prices remain low. You can buy value packs containing many mounts for a discounted price if you are unsure which mount to invest in.

Invest in quality. Cheap is not always better, no point in buying something that may break the first time you use it or, worse still, drop your lovely action camera!

Selfie sticks

Use a selfie stick with your action camera for a new perspective!Selfie sticks are sometimes considered a fade because of the trend to shoot excessive self-portraits and the narcissistic reputation that it has acquired.

However, selfie sticks can be used creatively and some impressive footage can be captured on your action camera.

For example, selfie sticks can document the human experience much better than mounts. This is because selfie sticks provide views from a greater range and focus on a person or collection of people enjoying a particular moment.

Therefore, selfie sticks are ideal when documenting moments such as parties with people dancing. This is because the action camera effectively captures the motion yet the wide reach of the stick allows for many people to be captured in the vista.

Selfie sticks may have some stigma attached to them but if they are used by an innovative person, intriguing and creative footage can be documented.

Spare battery pack

This is perhaps the most vital accessory to invest in if you are going on a long journey and want every exciting moment to be captured.

A spare battery pack is a great accessory because it is light weight and compact like the action camera itself, requiring little room. You do not need to worry about charging it up if you have already done this before your adventure.

A spare battery pack is particularly crucial if you are camping or hiking, with limited access to electricity. Investing in this inexpensive item will save you from experiencing many frustrating and disappointing moments. Do some research on which battery pack is suitable for your action camera and which one has consistently high reviews. Then you can rest assured that you can rely on your chosen battery pack. Also, another great idea is to get hold of a Portable Powerbank so you can charge up even if you don’t have a source of power.

There are many accessories available on the market which increase the adaptability of your action camera, get yourself prepared so you can be the master of action video whenever the urge takes you!

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