5 Creative Ways to use your Action Camera

Action cameras can be used for all sorts of purposes due to their compact size and light weight. However, there are some uses for action cameras that really challenge their conventional functionality.

Let’s take a look at the most extreme and sedate ways in which an action camera can be utilised.


If jumping out of a plane was not terrifying enough, imagine attaching your prized possession to yourself and jumping hundreds of feet with it precariously dangling in mid-air? This may create a worrisome image, yet action cameras are built exactly for this use.

Their robust external shell can withstand intense pressure which does not affect the internal workings of your camera in a negative way. If your camera is small and will affix to your helmet with ease, it won’t get in the way, allowing you to document your extraordinary bravery and the amazing views that you have witnessed.

The best thing about filming your sky-diving experience is that you can relive it again and again.

Pet Surveillance

Many pet-owners are curious about what their beloved animal gets up to in their absence. An action camera will allow you to document your pets experience which may reveal hidden secrets.

You may discover that the reason why your pet is not hungry, is because he is already being fed next door. The moment your placid pet gives chase may enlighten you to a different side of your pet’s personality.

An action camera may also help you to safeguard your pet if you are aware of the various routes that they take. You can monitor any busy roads that they cross or remove hazardous items such as barbed wire that is perilously close for comfort.

Your action camera will be put to the test, enduring various weather conditions, as well as tight spaces and fast speeds. This will result in an interesting montage of footage that you will no doubt treasure.

Model Railways

You may have recently spent a lot of time and money building a beautiful model railway and are now wondering what to do next. Of course, I’m sure your masterpiece is never quite finished but how about celebrating your milestone by using an action camera to film your model railway as if you were actually a passenger.

Standard cameras are too bulky and would never be able to film this moment realistically. However, an action camera can sit on top of your train or even be secured inside a carriage. You can then watch what it would be like to ride the train around the intricate track that you devised.

This use of an action camera really exploits the impressive scale of this technology, resulting in a lovely narrative that you can share with friends and family.

Drones and Radio Controlled Aircraft

Imagine being able to capture your drone’s view as you fly it above diverse landscapes. You can achieve this potential with an action camera which will securely fit on top of (or under) your drone. You might choose to plan your drone’s route with the footage that you are documenting in mind.

You can create beautiful footage of aerial views, encountering wildlife and various weather conditions. An action camera heightens the excitement of flying a drone and tests the tenancy of this micro technology.

It doesn’t stop with drones, how about mounting a camera on your plane for a truly “pilot’s eye” view of your flights!

Law Enforcement and Evidence

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or city-dwelling pedestrian, you might have been involved in some hair-raising moments which you wish were caught on film.

An action camera allows you the chance to capture culprits because of its compact size, HD quality footage and ability to film motion accurately.

Investing in an action camera will allow you to hold reckless road-users accountable.

The action camera is a versatile piece of equipment which can be used almost as creatively as your imagination allows!

Maybe you can envisage other situation is which your action camera would put a new perspective on something you love doing?

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