Why are action cameras all the rage?

Action cameras have seen a surge in popularity over recent years. Whether you are at the beach, shopping in town or exploring the countryside, it is an increasingly frequent occurrence to encounter one. They are considered to be the ultimate gadget for many, but why are action cameras so desirable?


One of the key selling points of an action camera is its durability because these cameras are often bought by extreme sports enthusiasts. Therefore, the camera is likely to experience some knocks and bumps along the way.

Action cameras are built to be tough because they need to endure all weathers and challenging terrain. Sometimes, their journey may be unpredictable, for example, if they are attached to an animal who is free to roam. It is therefore vital that the action camera is not only robust in itself, but can be securely attached to a range of surfaces.

Action cameras also have to cope well with motion, whether that is at 10mph or 100mph, so possess a strong exterior that does not crack or shatter under pressure.

Compact size

Action cameras are well-known for being very small compared to standard cameras. This means that they can fit into spaces that would be too tight for a standard camera.

For example, action cameras are often fixed to model railway sets or even on top of a drone. This also requires the action camera to be lightweight, because anything too heavy would hinder the function of the drone.

The small size of the action camera is a significant selling point because it allows more flexibility and user autonomy. Footage can be captured discretely and the camera is unobtrusive in its surrounding location.

Simple to operate

Some cameras can be off-putting with complex features to master and a wealth of buttons to press. You will often discover that you will never use most of them. Action cameras are renowned for being very easy to operate. This allows you to start using your action camera instantly out of the box.

Extensive range of models

There is a wide choice of models when buying an action camera. This ensures you can buy a model that fulfils your requirements.

A “slim-line” style action camera is perfect if you want to position your action camera on your helmet, because it has a sleek design.

Of course, action camera’s come in a range of brands, style and build quality! Certain features will increase the price of your camera so you really need to consider if they are worth the investment.


Action cameras are popular because they are cheap to buy. Of course, if you were going to buy a top-of-the-range action camera with many features, it would be significantly more expensive.

However, the standard action camera is very affordable and does not require a significant investment. Therefore, people are willing to buy these cameras for recreational use and experiment with them to see what exciting footage they can capture.

Action cameras are innovative in design and use cutting-edge technology. They are able to film various scenarios which were previously inaccessible due to the size and weight of standard cameras. Action cameras have opened up many exciting opportunities for both amateur and professional photographers and film makers alike

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