Lights. Camera. Action (Camera!)

Lights.Camera.Action (Camera!)

That very phrase used to be the cry of movie directors from the good old days of Hollywood. Today, with the technology-savvy consumer, it’s more likely to be ‘Action Camera. Lights!’. Cameras themselves have changed enormously over the years.

From the first camera obscura to the dry plates pioneered by our ancestors. These were all before Kodak revolutionised the process in the late 19th century, giving photography to the masses. Today, we think nothing of having a camera in our pockets or on our phones, but, thanks to the rise of the action camera, we can have them on our bikes and helmets too.

If you’re new to the action camera party, then allow us to explain. ‘Action camera’ is the umbrella name given to small, rugged cameras designed to capture your experiences of high-octane and extreme sports. Their popularity has exploded in recent years, thanks, in part, to social media.

Action Camera

Being able to share photos and videos of your latest record-breaking alpine run, scaling the highest highs on foot or hurtling around a race track on a motorbike, has revolutionised the way we interact with technology and share it with our friends. Action cameras are here to stay, but you don’t have to be an adrenaline sports junkie to get into these miniature wonders of technology.

The joy of action cameras is that they are incredibly flexible in how you use them. You don’t have to hold them in your hands like a traditional camera, they can be attached to your helmet, your skateboard, car dashboard or even the handlebars of your mountain bike.

If you prefer your action a little more sedate, our very own Mycrocam is small enough to fit on a toy train and light enough to install on a model airplane. Because they are designed to be small and rugged, they are tough enough and versatile enough to handle everything you can throw at them. Crash landings included.

It used to be the case that compromising on size, particularly when it comes to cameras, meant that you had to accept a reduction in quality. That’s no longer the case. The technology that goes into most cameras mean that even the phone in your pocket is probably able to shoot HD quality video. Action cameras are no different.

Our very own Mycrocam is capable of HD quality video, capturing 30 frames per second (fps) at a 5 megapixel resolution. Perfect to capture everything from your next hair-raising, gravity-defying mountain bike trail to soaring through the skies, attached to the body of your smallest remote-controlled plane; something most other action cameras can only dream of doing. At just 5cm wide and only 17 grams in weight, the incredibly compact design means Mycrocam is going to give you a whole new perspective when it comes to capturing footage of everything, from your smallest hobby to your biggest physical challenge.

We’ve come a long way since artists and astrologers were using pinholes and lenses to view the night sky. Action cameras have given us a birds-eye view to things we never thought possible before and, thanks to Mycrocam, this is only just the beginning.

It’s truly time for Action!

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