Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

So, you’ve got your beautiful ride sorted, you’re decked out like a Power Ranger and you’ve honed your skills to impress even the most die-hard Volvo driver. What better accessory to add to your arsenal than a helmet mounted action camera!

It is now easier than ever to capture your ride out’s with a motorcycle helmet camera. With brilliant quality, our motorcycle riding cameras have outstanding versatility and can be mounted as helmet cameras or directly on the bike.

You can capture whatever you need from pretty much any angle! The memories of your favourite motorcycle trips are moments away. A Simple installation and you’re on the road. Trust in Mycrocam for your motorcycle helmet camera.

MycrocamUK are the official on-bike camera provider for MCE British Superbikes 2016

Whatever you want to do, Mycrocam is a great choice. It’s smaller and lighter than pretty much every other camera out there. Bikers love this camera and here’s why:

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Mycrocam Helmet Camera Kit
Mycrocam Helmet & Bike Camera kit

Its Size

Small and Beautifully formed. Mycrocam won’t get in your way and is discreet, Mycrocam doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb!

Build Quality

OK, there are some pretty cheap camera’s out there. You get what you pay for. Mycrocam is engineered in Germany and comes with 2 YEAR UK WARRANTY and SUPPORT

British Superbikes!

Mycrocam is the official supplier for on-bike camera footage from MCE British Superbikes 2016. Plus, we personally sponsor Peter Hickman and Phil Morris Racing.

Beyond Bikes

Mycrocam has a multitude of uses, its small and light enough to be mounted on flying models but strong enough to take pretty much whatever you throw at it and, all the time, you’ll get great HD video.

Helmet Mounts

Attaching Mycrocam to your helmet or even directly to your motorcycle is straight forward and we offer 2 options that give you the flexibility to mount to the top or side of your helmet/bike.

Basic Mount for Helmet Mounting

Basic Mount - Helmet Camera MountStraight forward fixing to mount your Mycrocam to your helmet. Makes light work of clipping the camera on and off the mounting bracket. Stays Stuck!! Simply stick to your helmet (no modification required) for a secure and steadfast connection that won’t let you down.

MicroMount Bike/Helmet Attachment

Micro Mount for Motorcycle or Helmet Camera MountingOpen up more options with our MicroMount attachment. This offers more attachment possibilities and can mount on all smooth surfaces. A smartly hidden Alley key allows you to adjust and lock the camera safely into any direction.

For Safety as well as Fun!

Motorcycle Helmet CameraDashboard Camera’s are becoming commonplace in today’s tech-filled world. Mycrocam makes this accessible for motorcyclists due to its quick-fit mechanism, its easy to quickly set the camera recording when you set out on your journey.

It’s never a nice topic but, should you have an accident, wearing your camera can provide crucial evidence especially when it comes to insurance claims. Capturing bad driving by others with first-person evidence is satisfying too, mount your Mycrocam to your Helmet and it see’s what you see!

Make Mycrocam a part of every ride.

Mount to your Helmet, Bike, Car, Speedboat, Drone or anything else you can think of!

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Mycrocam Helmet Camera Kit
Mycrocam Helmet & Bike Camera kit