Introducing the Olfi one.five

We love the Olfi camera and so do our customers! That’s why we recommend this camera if you’re looking for a Top Spec 4k Action Camera.

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Compared to top of the range GoPro camera’s, the Olfi wins hands down and, its affordable, it is built to last, has a range of features that put this camera in the high-end market yet, its a fraction of the cost of most cameras in that bracket.

Olfi punches well above its weight however you look at it…

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Olfi Camera + Starter Kit
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olfi one.five front
olfi one.five rear
olfi waterproof
Olfi HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR makes your video retain more detail in the brightest and darkest parts of the image. Perfect for professional users wanting to colour grade during edits or beginners alike.

Olfi 4K

Ultra High Definition 4K

Shoot Ultra High Definition 4K video @ 24fps! That’s the international standard for film and 4x the resolution of traditional 1080p HD! Also, shoot super smooth slow-mo and more.

Olfi Gyro

Gyro Stabalised

Like a built-in Gymbal, the Olfi’s Gyro Stabilisation is one of its best features. Ensuring steady shots even in the toughest of environments, you’ll love this feature!

Olfi Rear Screen

Rear LCD Screen

You’ll love the Olfi’s High Resolution screen. Perfect for lining up your shots. Also gives you fast and easy to access to the multitude of settings, share instantly through the app.

Olfi Wi-Fi and App

Wi-Fi and App Control

Olfi has a dedicated iOS and Android app, free to download. Control your camera remotely, change settings, review & share your videos and stills. Built in Wi-Fi connection.

Olfi is waterproof to 30M

30M Waterproof

The Olfi comes with a quality, waterproof casing that will protect your camera to depths of up to 30 metres. Designed so you can still access all the camera controls!

A perfect synergy of High Quality and Great price

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The Olfi utilises a Sony Exmor-R back-illuminated CMOS sensor. This sensor technology helps to improve dynamic range, detail and colour whilst reducing grain and noise.

Olfi one.five vs. GoPro Cameras

Olfi GoPro HERO 4 Black GoPro HERO4 Silver GoPro HERO Session
Price £149.99 £409.99 £329.99 £329.99
4K 24fps
cinema standard.
30fps 15fps Upto 2k
Gyro Stabilisation YES NO NO NO
HDR (High Dynamic Range) YES NO NO NO
Waterproof 30M 40M 40M 10M
Battery Capacity 900mAh 1160mAh 1160mAh 1000mAh Non Removable
Run Time (1080p @ 60fps) 2h @ 1080p/1h 20 @ 4k 1 Hour 20 Minutes 1 Hour 40 Minutes 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Stills 16MP 12MP 12MP 8MP
Weight 55g 89g 84g 74g
Weight with Waterproof Case 110g 152g 147g 126g
Loop Record YES 3,5,10mins NO YES NO
Auto On/Off YES NO NO NO
Motion Detect YES NO NO NO
Dual Capture YES YES YES NO
Remove Fish Eye YES NO NO NO
Remote Control Remote, Olfi App GoPro App & Remote GoPro App & Remote GoPro App

The Olfi has some Outstanding Reviews!

Out of nowhere comes ‘Olfi’ featuring 4K video at a cinematic 24fps

This seems like an interesting little camera and seems to be priced really aggressively.

this is a great action cam – one that goes toe-to-toe with the bigger boys like GoPro, but costs a good deal less

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Olfi Camera + Starter Kit
FREE delivery (UK only)


Get yours now. Only £149.99
Olfi Starter Pack

What’s in the box?

1x Olfi one.five Camera
1x 900 mAh Battery
1x 30M Waterproof Case
1x Frame Housing
1x Short 90º Connector
1x Long 90º Connector
1x J Clip
1x Short Clip

Full Starter Pack

2x Short Screws
1x Long Screw
1x Curved 3M Adhesive Base
1x Flat 3M Adhesive Base
1x Carry Case
1x USB Cable
1x Free Smartphone App (you’ll need to download that!)